A Certified Life Coach for Teen Girls

Denise Barats is a Teen Wisdom Certified Life Coach for Teen Girls. She founded A Teen Edge, LLC in order to fulfill her mission of educating and empowering girls to live happier, healthier lives. She has more than 20 years of experience working with teens. As a  Teacher,  Coach,  League Developer, Cheerleading Advisor, Mentor, and Life Coach she has had a positive impact on the lives of many teens.

Support for Teen Girls

She is committed to helping girls achieve greater levels of happiness, self-confidence and personal leadership.

Denise’s coaching style combines her Teaching skills with Life Coach training to create meaningful, engaging and dynamic programs. She offers one-on-one or small group coaching packages, as well as workshops on a variety of topics such as Mother/Daughter Bonding, Academic Stress, Study Skills, Friendship and Dating, Bullying, Social Media, Body Image/Self-love, Drugs/Alcohol and Decision-Making.

A Journey to Self-Discovery

As a Life Coach for Teen Girls, she supports girls as they embark on their journey to self-discovery. By creating a trusting, caring and judgment-free environment she is able connect with them in a positive way. They are encouraged to uncover their core values, identify their strengths, and commit to realizing their personal dreams and goals.

Denise Barats • Life Coach for Teen Girls

Educational Background

Denise has a Bachelor of Science in Health Science from San Diego State University. She holds Secondary Teaching Credentials in Science, Math and Physical Education from Dominican College of San Rafael. She is a recent graduate of the Teen Wisdom, Inc Certification Program and is a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).